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Published July 27th in Nature

BC Cancer Agency Researchers from the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre and The Centre for Lymphoid Cancer published recent results from the NIH-funded research project: Sequencing for Discovery of Candidate Mutations in Lymphoma Transcriptomes
Published July 27th in Nature

Lead co-authors Ryan Morin and Maria Mendez-Lago pose with their latest Nature publication.

Sequencing for Discovery of Candidate Mutations in Lymphoma Transcriptomes

This research project is led by Drs. Marco Marra, Randy Gascoyne and Joseph Connors.

The project involves identifying and characterizing the range of mutations found in lymphoma tumours. Once identified, specific mutations may be shown to effect or be associated with response to treatment, patient outcome and survival, or be useful as a target for anti-cancer drug development.

The most recent publication by this large research team can be found on-line in the prestigious journal Nature. The full citation and link to the published journal article is below:

Frequent mutation of histone-modifying genes in non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 2011. Nature (Published online 27 July 2011; doi:10.1038/nature10351) Ryan D. Morin, Maria Mendez-Lago, Andrew J. Mungall, Rodrigo Goya, Karen L. Mungall, Richard D. Corbett, Nathalie A. Johnson, Tesa M. Severson, Readman Chiu, Matthew Field, Shaun Jackman, Martin Krzywinski, David W. Scott, Diane L. Trinh, Jessica Tamura-Wells, Sa Li, Marlo R. Firme, Sanja Rogic, Malachi Griffith, Susanna Chan, Oleksandr Yakovenko, Irmtraud M. Meyer, Eric Y. Zhao, Duane Smailus, Michelle Moksa, Suganthi Chittaranjan, Lisa Rimsza, Angela Brooks-Wilson, John J. Spinelli, Susana Ben-Neriah, Barbara Meissner, Bruce Woolcock, Merrill Boyle, Helen McDonald, Angela Tam, Yongjun Zhao, Allen Delaney, Thomas Zeng, Kane Tse, Yaron Butterfield, Inanç Birol, Rob Holt, Jacqueline Schein, Douglas E. Horsman, Richard Moore, Steven J. M. Jones, Joseph M. Connors, Martin Hirst, Randy D. Gascoyne & Marco A. Marra

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