Complete Publications of Dr. Isabella T. Tai

Isabella Tai's Complete Bibliography (Updated October 2017)
Original Peer-reviewed Articles
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Original Peer Reviewed Clinical Articles
  1. Chung C, Al Ali J, Owen DA, Weiss AA, Yoshida EM, Tai IT. A rare case of isolated duodenal metastases from hepatocellular carcinoma associated with p53 and ki-67 expression: a case report. Cases Journal. 2009 Dec 17;2:9344
Non-peer Reviewed Articles
  1. Tai IT. Developing a clinician-scientist career.  Clin Invest Med. 2008 Oct 1;31(5):E300-1.
Book Chapters
  1. Greenberg GR and Tai IT. Inflammatory Disease in the elderly. In: Trends in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Therapy. Eds. CN Williams. Dordrecht, London: Kluwer, 2000.
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