ABySS 1.1.2 (Feb 15, 2010)


Pop bubbles resulting from indels. Read tar files. Fix performance issues in ParseAligns by syncing KAligner threads periodically.

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For all platforms (264 kB)

Release Notes

State Final release
License BCCA (academic use)

2010-02-15 Shaun Jackman <sjackman@bcgsc.ca>

* Release version 1.1.2.

* Read tar files including compressed tar files.
* New parameter -b, --bubble-length=N. Pop bubbles shorter than
N bp. The default is b=3*k.

* Include the contig coverage in the output.
* The script abyss-adjtodot converts an ABySS adjacency file to
GraphViz dot format.

* Pop bubbles resulting from indels.

* Synchronize the threads periodically (every ten thousand
alignments by default) to ease the computational burden on
ParseAligns. This synchronization can be disabled using --sync=0.
* Use two threads by default.

* New parameter, b.
* Use two threads by default.
* The read length argument, l, is deprecated. To emulate the
behaviour of ABySS 1.0.14 and older, set t=6*(l-k+1). The default
is t=k.