ABySS 2.1.1 (Sep 11, 2018)


This release provides bug fixes and modest improvements to Bloom filter assembly contiguity/correctness. Parallelization of Sealer has also been improved, thanks to contributions by @schutzekatze.

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Release Notes

State Final release
License GPLv3

Change log

* upgrade to most recent version of ntHash to reduce
some assembly/hashing artifacts. On a human assembly, this
reduced QUAST major misassemblies by 5% and increased
scaffold contiguity by 10%
* `kc` parameter now also applies to MPI assemblies (see below)

* change N20 and N80 to N25 and N75, respectively

* add `--kc` option, with implements a hard minimum k-mer
multiplicity cutoff

* fix `zsh: no such option: pipefail` error with
old versions of `zsh` (fallback to `bash` instead)
* adding `time=1` now times *all* assembly commands

* parallelize gap sealing with OpenMP (thanks to
* add `--gap-file` option (thanks to @schutzekatze!)

* add support for GFA output