TreeBuilder3D 1.0 (Oct 10, 2006)

September 16, 2005 release

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Release Notes

State Final release
License BCCA
Release Manager Peter Ruzanov
Released 2005/09/16 00:00:00 GMT-7


Remarks: TreeBuilder3D was designed and tested with Java3D API 1.3.1 under Linux OS. It is a required to have the Java3D API of this particular version, as at the moment 1.3.1 is the newest release available for Linux. We do not provide a version of TreeBuilder3D bundled with Java3D libraries, so the user should install these libraries in order to run the application. No support provided or planned for newer versions of Java3D API (which are available for other platforms). The author does not guarantee taht TreeBuilder3D will run with a version of Java3D API other than 1.3.1