XMatchView 1.0 (Jan 20, 2018)

Peer-reviewed version

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For all platforms (594.5 KB)

Release Notes

State Final release
License GPLv3
Release Manager Rene Warren

-Published (JOSS peer-review) version
-Initial support for .paf (Pairwise mApping Format) alignment files.
-Made options consistent between xmatchview.py and xmatchview-conifer.py
-Included new option to specify font path (-p)
-Added option to specify feature colors in the tsv files provided with the -e and -y options. A third column may be used to specify the color of a feature (default feature color is yellow or black, for xmatchview and xmatchview-conifer, respectively). Users may specify any of these color names: yellow, blue, cyan, green, lime, red, sarin, forest, dirtyred, dirtyyellow, grey, lightgrey, orange, beige, black, white.