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History of Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre (GSC)

Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre commenced operation at the BC Cancer Agency in 1999, with funding from the BC Cancer Foundation. The Genome Sciences Centre was founded by Dr. Michael Smith, PhD (1932 - 2000), who won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his foundation work in gene science.

This initiative, led by Drs. Michael Smith and Victor Ling, would develop Canada’s first serious capacity in genomics and allow BC to emerge as a leader in genome research. Since its inception, the Genome Sciences Centre has experienced steady growth due to success in grant applications and numerous collaborative ventures. Today the Centre employs more the 322 staff, has been involved in 678 genomic grants and contracts since 2001, and has taken part in 1,853 collaborations around the world since 2006, working with more than 226 Canadian and over 261 international laboratories.

The Genome Sciences Centre is an international leader in several areas, including genomics, informatics, and technology development.

GSC Timeline

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