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Autophagy Symposium - March 25th

The CIHR Emerging Team in Autophagy (BCCA, SFU) in collaboration with the Michael Smith Laboratories (UBC) and the Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) is hosting a day long symposium in Autophagy at the MSL, UBC on Friday, March 25th. Keynote Speakers: Tamotsu Yoshimori (Osaka University) and David C. Rubinsztein (Cambridge University).

The CIHR Emerging Team in Autophagy, headed by Dr. Sharon Gorski, is a collaboration of researchers from Simon Fraser University, the BC Cancer Agency, the University of British Columbia and the Centre for Drug Research and Development. The focus of this research collaboration is on "Investigating Autophagy Proteins as Molecular Targets for Cancer Treatment" in order to enhance the translation of promising autophagy-related discoveries and therapeutic strategies to treatments that are beneficial for patients with late stage and recurrent or treatment insensitive cancers.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Symposium Location:

University of British Columbia at the Michael Smith Laboratories, Lecture Theater #102 - 2185 East Mall Rd.


9:30 - 10:30
Tamotsu Yoshimori
14 Years of Autophagy: Towards Understanding the Intracellular Self-Degradation System Sustaining Life
10:30 -11:00
coffee break

11:00 - 12:15
Short Research Talks

12:15 - 1:30
(brown bag)
with Round Table Discussion
1:30 - 2:30

Short Research Talks
2:30 - 3:00
coffee break

3:00 - 4:00
David C. Rubinsztein
Autophagy in Neurodegeneration

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