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CGEn awarded MSI funding for 2017-2022

$31,975,000 in funding has been awarded to the CGEn Partnership: The Centre for Applied Genomics at SickKids, Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre at the BC Cancer Agency, and The McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre. The Major Science Initiatives (MSI) Fund, through the Canada Foundation for Innovation, ensures Canada’s large, complex research facilities that serve communities of researchers have the support they need to operate at the cutting edge.
CGEn awarded MSI funding for 2017-2022

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Canada's Genomics Enterprise has been awarded $31,975,000 in funding to support genomics research infrastructure in Canada.


Decoding and understanding the genome is increasingly important to basic and applied research in a range of sectors, especially in health and disease-related sciences.

Canada’s Genomics Enterprise (CGEn) represents a nationwide platform that provides open-access whole genome sequencing and specialized genomic and informatics infrastructure for researchers. The CGEn links three existing genomics centres located in Toronto (The Centre for Applied Genomics at SickKids), Montreal (Genome Quebec Innovation Centre at McGill University) and Vancouver (Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Science Centre).

CGEn is giving Canadian scientists unprecedented sequencing and informatics capacity to decode genomes and has catalyzed new ideas and discoveries. In 2015, CGEn supported 1,325 laboratories from 10 Canadian provinces and from countries around the world.  

The new funding will strengthen CGEn’s infrastructure, thereby supporting increased sequencing and informatics capacity nationally for genomics research.

Page last modified Feb 21, 2017