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The completion of the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC)

Martin Hirst, Thomas Zeng, Kane Tse, Michelle Moksa, Merinda Deng, Kevin Ma, Diana Mah, Johnson Pang, Greg Taylor, Eric Chuah, Athena Deng, Keith Fichter, Anne Go, Stephanie Lee, Jing Wang, Malachi Griffith, Ryan Morin, Richard A. Moore, Michael Mayo, Sarah Munro, Susan Wagner, Steven J.M. Jones, Robert A. Holt, Marco A. Marra

Since its start, the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) has sought to provide at least one full-CDS cDNA clone for every human and mouse gene with a RefSeq transcript, and at least 6200 rat genes. The MGC cloning effort initially relied on random EST-screening of cDNA libraries. Here we summarize our recent progress using directed RT-PCR cloning and DNA synthesis. The MGC now contains clones with the entire protein-coding sequence for 92% of human and 89% of mouse genes with curated RefSeq (NM-accession) transcripts, and for 97 % of human and 96% of mouse genes with curated RefSeq transcripts that have one or more PubMed publications, in addition to clones for more than 6300 rat genes. These high-quality MGC clones and their sequences are accessible without restriction to researchers worldwide.

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