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Understanding Gene Control

Identification and analysis of internal promoters in Caenorhabditis elegans operons.
Learning the underlying mechanism by which genes are controlled represents a fundamental goal in our understanding of how a living cell functions.  The multi-cellular model organism C. elegans has been previously used to study a number of cancer related biological processes, including that of cellular proliferation, programmed cell-death, micro RNA function and how genes can be switched off using RNA interference.  In this study, we have examined the behaviour of genes which are organised together on the chromosome to form gene clusters called operons.  We show that these operons are more complex than previously believed with component genes showing both correlated and independent gene expression.  Studies of the underlying DNA indicate regions that might participate in this more complex gene control.  This work helps further our understanding of gene function and also provides information to how such features may of arisen through evolution.

Full citation

Huang P, Pleasance ED, Maydan JS, Hunt-Newbury R, O'Neil NJ, Mah A, Baillie DL, Marra MA, Moerman DG and Jones SJ.  Identification and analysis of internal promoters in Caenorhabditis elegans operons.  Genome Research 2007.  17(10):1478-1485

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