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The GSC creates and serves many scientific databases, data assets and data services.


CEEHRC: Canadian Epigenetics, Environment and Health Research Consortium Platform

CEEHRC represents a multi-stage funding commitment by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and multiple Canadian and international partners. The overall aim is to position Canada at the forefront of international efforts to translate new discoveries in the field of epigenetics into improved human health.


C. Elegans Gene Expression

Using serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) and microarrays, we are examining total mRNA populations in all developmental stages, both in whole worms and in specific cells and tissues. In addition, we are building promoter::GFP constructs to monitor gene expression in transgenic worms, focusing on C. elegans genes that have human orthologues. Also available are web-based PCR primer design tools, and access to information about our C. elegans Fosmid library.



An open access, LGPL/open source database that holds annotations for regulatory elements and polymorphisms. Its data are submitted and reviewed by a global user community. cisRED uses ORegAnno data for optimizing and assessing predictive performance, and for annotating computationally predicted DNA sequence motifs.



For both Chromatin- immunoprecipation Transcription Factors and Histone modifications. Sequence files and the associated probability files are also provided.

Phisical Mapping Data

Physical Mapping Data

FPC Mapping data files from species we have fingerprinted.

CancerMine image
CancerMine: Drivers, Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors in Cancer

Understanding the role of different genes in different cancer types is essential for precision cancer efforts. CancerMine uses text mining to extract known drivers, oncogenes and tumor suppressors discussed in the literature.

Mouse Atlas

Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression

The Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression is a quantitative and comprehensive atlas of gene expression in mouse development. Gene expression levels from 198 tissue samples was measured using Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE). Emphasis was on mouse development, samples taken at different stages of mouse development.


cisRED: cis-regulatory element database

The cisRED database holds conserved sequence motifs identified by genome scale motif discovery, similarity, clustering, co-occurrence and coexpression calculations.

Follicular Lymphoma Data

Follicular Lymphoma Genome Data

Mapping, copy number analysis, sequence and gene expression data generated by the High Resolution Analysis of Follicular Lymphoma Genomes project.



ALEXA is a microarray design platform for 'alternative expression analysis'. This platform facilitates the design of expression arrays for analysis of mRNA isoforms generated from a single locus by the use of alternative transcription initiation, splicing and polyadenylation sites.

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