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Shift work, circadian gene variants and risk of breast cancer.

Circadian (clock) genes have been linked with several functions relevant to cancer, and epidemiologic research has suggested relationships with breast cancer risk for variants in NPAS2, CLOCK, CRY2 an...


Absence of NR2E1 mutations in patients with aniridia.

PURPOSE: Nuclear receptor 2E1 (NR2E1) is a transcription factor with many roles during eye development and thus may be responsible for the occurrence of certain congenital eye disorders in humans. To ...


Catenin Family Genes Are Not Commonly Mutated in Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer.

BACKGROUND: Approximately one third of the hereditary diffuse gastric cancer (HDGC) families carry germline mutations in the E-cadherin gene (CDH1). Risk prediction in members of families with this ra...


Genetic variation in cell death genes and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

BACKGROUND: Non-Hodgkin lymphomas are a heterogeneous group of solid tumours that constitute the 5(th) highest cause of cancer mortality in the United States and Canada. Poor control of cell death in...

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