Three lab techs watch the DNA Sequencers in action

The technology and clinical platforms at Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre are staffed by teams of professional scientists with expertise in several areas of genomics research. These teams support researchers and collaborators in BC and around the world in work addressing topical questions in the life sciences.

Technology Platforms


Bioinformatics Platform

The bioinformatics group at the GSC participates in a diverse number of areas on computational genomic analysis such as expression profiling, gene regulation, comparative genomics analysis, genome assembly, and laboratory information management. The platform has nearly 90 computational biologists, software programmers, and informatics specialists working with all GSC activity areas to provide data analysis and management solutions. The development of data analysis tools for high-throughput sequencing is a major focus of the bioinformatics group, with key projects and publications already in place.


Sequencing Platform

High-throughput large-scale DNA analysis facility designed to maximize capacity while maintaining efficiency, scalability and flexibility. The platform is one of the largest platform of its type in Canada and is well recognized internationally. 

Illumina HiSeq 2000 DNA sequence analyser

Illumina Sequencing

The GSC operates Illumina HiSeq X instruments, Illumina HiSeq 2500 v4 instruments, miSeq instruments and NextSeq instruments.  All HISeq 2500 instruments have been converted to the latest platform, with each instrument capable of generating one terabase of sequence data per run.  Library construction for Illumina sequencing is available for whole genome (including PCR-free and FFPE), transcriptome (ssRNA-seq), exome and custom capture, microRNA,and  chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP).  The GSC has to date constructed over 50,000 Illumina  libraries, contributing to many projects and publications.

Proteomics icon

Proteomics Platform

The Proteomics group at the GSC performs protein and post-translational modification identification on protein samples using high pressure liquid chromatography coupled to nano-electrospray mass spectrometry. Current applications include protein-protein interaction mapping, and protein phosphorylation site detection and quantitation.


Drug Discovery Platform

The drug discovery platform performs high-throughput virtual screening using leading molecular docking software and high performance computing resources to find novel therapeutics for human diseases.

Clinical Platforms

Centre for Clinical Genomics

Centre for Clinical Genomics

Providing sustainable and scalable clinical diagnostic genomic testing for the population of British Columbia.

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