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Sequencing for Discovery of Candidate Mutations in Lymphoma Transcriptomes

This project involves identifying and characterizing the range of mutations found in lymphoma tumours. Once identified, specific mutations may be shown to effect or be associated with response to treatment, patient outcome and survival, or be useful as a target for anti-cancer drug development.

Project Leaders Marco Marra
Project Co-Investigators Steven Jones , Martin Hirst , Joseph Connors , Randy Gascoyne
Involved Organizations
Funding Agencies



We will collect fresh-frozen tumour biopsy material and DNA from normal non-cancerous tissues from a group of patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DBCL). Each sample of cells will be subjected to genomic, cytogenetic and functional analyses involving:

This research will result in a list of somatic mutations, both large and small scale, that will be likely suspects in driving the development of lymphoid cancers and in the progression of the disease.

EZH2 mutations

Detail of DNA sequence showing 2 common mutations associated with DLBCL tumor development.

Publications by our Research Team:

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For all project related inquires please contact:

Karen Novik, Project Manager
Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer Agency
Phone: 604-675-8000 x 7983
Fax: 604-675-8178