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Personalized OncoGenomics (POG)

The BC Cancer Agency's Personalized OncoGenomics (POG) Program



CBC documentary "Cracking Cancer" (available for viewing in Canada only). For more information, visit the BC Cancer Foundation site.  



The BC Cancer Agency’s Personalized OncoGenomics (POG) program is a clinical research initiative that is embedding genomic sequencing into real-time treatment planning for BC patients with incurable cancers.

Cancer is a complex biological process. We categorize cancers according to their site of origin (e.g. lung, breast, liver, colon) as each one is different, but even within these groupings there are subtypes with differences in response to treatment and overall behaviour. The POG program is a collaborative research study including many BCCA oncologists, pathologists and other clinicians along with the Genome Sciences Centre (GSC), which aims to decode the genome – the entire DNA and RNA inside the cell – of each patient’s cancer, to understand what is enabling it to grow. Using this genomic data in clinical decision-making should allow us to develop treatment strategies to block its growth, identify clinical trials that the patient may benefit from and potentially identify less toxic and more effective therapeutic options.

Who is eligible for POG? This is a highly experimental research program for cancer patients being treated at the BC Cancer Agency (BC residents only) with metastatic disease, either before any chemotherapy or after one line of chemotherapy; there are some disease/type specific criteria that may also apply to individual cases. Currently the study can enroll 6-8 patients per week and thus they are a highly selected group. For more information on POG and eligibility, BC patients should speak to their medical oncologist. Ethical Review Board and other approvals in place for the study do not allow non-BC residents to be included in the study.

Who do I contact for more information on POG? For more information on POG and eligibility, BC patients should speak to their medical oncologist.

How do patients get enrolled in POG?  BC patients should discuss their clinical treatment options, including clinical trials and POG, with their oncologist.

More information about the POG program is also available at - Identifier: NCT02155621

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