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Microbial Envirogenomics

The Microbial Envirogenomics project elucidates and exploits the physiology and functioning of environmentally important bacteria through genomic approaches, starting with Rhodococcus RHA1.

Project Leaders Lindsay Eltis , William Mohn
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Rhodococcus Summary

Rhodococci are soil bacteria with unique and diverse capabilities, leading to several possible applications in environmental, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial bioremediation. The strain RHA1 is remarkably effective at breaking down complex and toxic compounds; plus it can grow on numerous substrates, produce unique compounds and even desulfurize coal. The research team has completed sequencing the genome of RHA1 and is now using expression and protein datasets with bioinformatics analysis to determine the metabolic machinery within Rhodococcus. This work furthers the understanding of RHA1 and related organisms and greatly facilitates engineering of RHA1 for the development of various environmentally sustainable and efficient industrial applications.