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Genomics Research on Atlantic Salmon Project (GRASP)

This project is deciphering the genome of the Atlantic salmon and providing key information to enhance the understanding of fish reproduction, growth and disease resistance.

Project Leaders William Davidson , Ben Koop
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Project Resources and Information
Atlantic Salmon Summary

The GRASP project has several goals, the first being to co-ordinate previous genetic studies and create a combined genetic map. Researchers will also analyze the Atlantic salmon genome to learn about the rate and mode of genome evolution. This project will also measure gene expression changes in response to the environment, such as different water conditions or exposure to infections. GRASP has established a reputation as the world’s leading salmon genomics research project and is helping understand the interaction between this commercially important organism and its environment. The development of a microarray to measure gene expression levels in salmon and closely related species has been a major success and is a valuable tool for many researchers. The knowledge and tools provided by GRASP will help improve sustainability and efficiency for Canadian fisheries, the aquaculture industry and the sports fishing sector.