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The focus of this research is to discover the inherited genetic factors that influence susceptibility to Lymphoid Cancers (lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, multiple myeloma, and the lymphocytic leukemias) within families.

Project Leaders Angela Brooks-Wilson , Joseph Connors
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For all project related inquires contact:

Diane Salema
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Lymphoid Cancer Families Study


When combined, the lymphoid malignancies are the fourth most common cancer in Canada; their incidence has increased between 1.5 to 2.0% annually for more than 50 years. The increased incidence of lymphoid malignancies may, in part, be attributable to changes in lifestyle or environmental exposures; however there is likely a certain fraction of our population that is more genetically susceptible to these changes. Determination of the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to lymphoid cancers is critical to the efforts made to prevent and/or control them.

Although most lymphoid cancers are sporadic in origin, the occurrence of multiple diagnoses of lymphoid cancer within the same family may indicate the existence of genetic susceptibility. Collecting family history information and blood samples from families with a history of multiple cases of lymphoid cancer is an important step towards identifying genes involved in susceptibility to lymphoid cancers.

By carefully examining genetic variations and patterns in the participating families, we hope to better understand how inherited risk factors contribute to cancers of the lymphatic system.

The lymphoid cancer families study is currently recruiting families with multiple cases of lymphoid cancer to participate in the study. For more information on participating in this study, please see the Lymphoma Study Recruitment information.

For all project related inquires please contact us.

Diane Salema, Project Coordinator
Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer Agency
Fax: 604-675-8178