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Sequencing Services

The GSC's sequencing platform is the largest of its kind in Canada and is recognized internationally.

We have a high-throughput, large-scale genome and transcriptome analysis platform designed to maximize capacity while maintaining efficiency, scalability and flexibility. Through our sequencing validation team we offer several high quality, high throughput targeted sequencing services, including: 

  • whole genome 
  • whole transcriptome (ribosomal depleted, or polyA RNA)
  • epigenome 
  • ChIP
  • exome capture (exomes only, or UTR included)
  • miRNA 
  • long reads 
  • linked reads

Custom projects and additional services are available upon request. For questions about services and collaborative opportunities, please contact us: .

Learn more about our bioinformatic services, here

Looking for assistance? Let us know how we can help.

For additional information or to arrange for a cost quotation, please contact us:

Statement of Work Project Management Team
Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer
Suite 100, 570 West 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4S6
Phone: (604) 707-5800

Page last modified Aug 28, 2019