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Using sFTP to access Illumina sequence data

How to use an sFTP client to download your data sets.

sFTP Programs

When the sequencing and post-processing data is complete, we make the data available to you protected under a username and password on our secure sFTP server. We will email you with this username and password when the data is available, and the path to location of your data files on our sFTP server. The data will only remain on the server for 2 weeks, so it is important to retrieve your data from our server in a timely manner.

Our sFTP server is located at s We recommend the following sFTP programs to access your data:


WinSCP: An open source and free client offers full downloads.

WS_FTP Professional: A commercial client that offers additional features such as automation and email notification.

Mac OS X

Cyberduck: A free client for the Mac OS X that offers full downloads.


sftp: Linux users can use the sftp command-line client to download data. Instructions on using this tool is available at this page.

Page last modified Oct 02, 2015