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Bioinformatics platform

The bioinformatics group at the GSC participates in a diverse number of areas on computational genomic analysis such as expression profiling, gene regulation, comparative genomics analysis, genome assembly, and laboratory information management. The platform has nearly 90 computational biologists, software programmers, and informatics specialists working with all GSC activity areas to provide data analysis and management solutions. The development of data analysis tools for high-throughput sequencing is a major focus of the bioinformatics group, with key projects and publications already in place.

We are dedicated to high-performance Linux computing carried out on Intel and AMD-based workstations and servers. We run a 8000+ node cluster, with our databases handled by 8-way MySQL and PostgreSQL servers. The centre's 7 Petabytes of storage is served up using the latest in SAN and NAS technologies. Our network connectivity is provided by BC Net in partnership with the University of British Columbia through multiple Gigabit connections.

The Bioinformatics groups makes certain software programs and scripts available in the GSC Bioinformatics Software Centre.

Page last modified Jun 10, 2015