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Collaborative Services

The GSC specializes in high-throughput, large-scale genome research.

Link to ISO/IEC 27001 certificate from SAI Global.

We partner with academic, clinical and industry leaders internationally. We welcome new collaborations. For questions about collaborative opportunities, please contact us: .

ISO 27001 certified and designed for flexible, efficient, secure, scalable and high-throughput quality analyses, our facilities house cutting-edge sequencing technology and some of the largest and most innovative computing infrastructure in the world. For more information about our facilities, please see our terms of service.

Our services include genome, transcriptome and epigenome sequencing, bioinformatic data deposition and analysis, proteomics, technology development, in-silico drug discovery and customized services. Please to explore the possibilities.

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We accept a variety of samples including nucleic acids, blood, fresh or frozen tissues, formalin-fixed/parrafin-embedded, and buccal swabs. We also accept fully constructed libraries. For more information, see frequently asked questions. 

Contact us:

Statement of Work Project Management Team
Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer
Suite 100, 570 West 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4S6
Phone: (604) 707-5800

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