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Treenomix: Mechanisms of Wood Formation and Pest Resistance in Forest Trees Using Spruce, Poplar and Arabidopsis

This project is utilizing high throughput genomic techniques coupled with proteomic analysis to investigate the regulation of wood formation and pest resistance in forest trees.

Project Leaders Carl Douglas , Brian Ellis , Joerg Bohlmann , Kermit Ritland
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Project Resources and Information
Forestry Genomics Summary
Forestry Genomics: Mechanisms of Wood Formation and Pest Resistance in Forest Trees using Spruce, Poplar, and Arabidopsis

The research is focusing on two important tree species in the Canadian forestry sector - spruce and poplar. The work also utilizes the model plant organism Arabidopsis as a resource for comparative studies. Through development and application of genomic tools the project has created a central resource and knowledge base for tree biology. This resource provides significant value for those seeking to understand the structure and function of tree genomes and aims to help develop tools to optimize breeding strategies that can maximize improvements in forest health and wood quality. Treenomix activities include the development of tools and strategies to translate the genomic data collected into commercially beneficial applications.