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Queries are a major feature of DiscoverySpace and are the most complex and powerful new functionality of this fourth release. A Query is a question asked of the database, much like a web search on Google or Yahoo. However, Queries are more structured then web searches and allow the user to search particular properties of things. For example, "Get me all things with a certain name", or "Get me all things less then a certain age", etc. The Query allows the user to define such a subset of the data available in the database using a graphical query builder. It is imperative that new users learn how to use Queries in order to make full use of the functionality that DiscoverySpace has to offer. The skills used in constructing queries are also of vital importance when using the DiscoverySpace Explorer, which follows a similar methodology.
DiscoverySpace Template Primer by Kevin Teague — last modified Jun 04, 2010 03:31 PM
Templates are "Query Factories" which allow the user to reuse and share logic from complex Query Trees, such as those used in SAGE experiments. They are designed for "boilerplate" query logic which would otherwise need to be laboriously copied over and over again. This should improve the productively of the user and increase the accuracy of results. It is also hoped that Template will allow groups to share and standardize their queries. Novice users should also benefit because they can use Templates without the need to construct query trees.
DiscoverySpace Databank Primer by Kevin Teague — last modified Jun 08, 2010 11:26 AM
The Databank is the central file and tool management interface within DiscoverySpace 4. The Databank allows the user to create, modify and delete queries, datasets, comparisons and other definitions. The Databank also allows the user to analyze those definitions using DS4's inbuild tools. It is vital that new users acquaint themselves with this important tool.
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