ABySS 2.1.4 (Nov 09, 2018)


This release provides major improvements to Bloom filter assembly contiguity and correctness. Bloom filter assemblies now have equivalent scaffold contiguity and better correctness than MPI assemblies of the same data, while still requiring less than 1/10th of the memory. On human, Bloom filter assembly times are still a few hours longer than MPI assemblies (e.g. 17 hours vs. 13 hours, using 48 threads).

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Change log

* Change default value of `m` from 50 => 0, which has the effect
of disallowing sequence overlaps < k-1 bp. QUAST tests on E. coli /
C. elegans / H. sapiens showed that both contiguity and
correctness were improved by allowing only overlaps of k-1 bp
between sequence ends.