Circos 0.47 (Oct 01, 2008)

Support for transparency added and improvements to tick marks. Bug fixes for new GD versions.

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Available downloads

Circos v0.47

For all platforms (53Mb)

Visual Guide to Circos

For all platforms (40Mb)

Change log

- added error trap if old version of GD is used that does not support 24bit flag
- added support for alpha channel in PNG images - now colors can have transparency level
- fixed brush bug for outlined ribbons with newer GD version
- added -show_ticks as a command-line parameter (to unset use -no-show-ticks)
- added -show_tick_labels as a command-line parameter (to unset use -no-show-tick_labels)
- added -silent for completely quiet operation (nothing reported to STDOUT)
- improved tick suppression consistency when tick_separation was defined
- precision in tick mark formatting is improved with Math::BigFloat (this module is now needed)
- added ticks for specific positions via "position" and "rposition" parameter
- added tick rings
- added connector track (currently experimental)