GUM: Group, User Manager

Web-based application for managing user accounts and groups stored in LDAP.

Project Description

GUM allows you to manage user accounts and groups stored in an LDAP server.

GUM is written in Python using the Grok web framework.


GUM is stable, but it has a few limitations which make it of limited usefulness at the moment:

  • Fixed LDAP schema: You must store user accounts as iNetOrgPerson objects and groups as groupOfUniqueNames objects.
  • Performance: The application is only being used against a modest-sized LDAP instance. The LDAP queries haven't yet been optimized.
  • MSIE bugs: some page elements do not render properly in Internet Exporer.


Currently you must install from source. Clone the repository from the GUM project on GitHub.

The INSTALL.txt file in the root of the project source code contains further installation instructions.