Genome visualization application.

Project Description


Sockeye is a Java application designed to assemble, view and work with genomic information in a 3D environment. Sockeye has been developed with a focus on displaying potential gene regulatory regions and for running and visualising the results from regulatory element detection approaches and algorithms.This program links to the Ensembl database and displays genomic features along tracks (stretches of DNA). It is very flexible with genomic data in GFF files. This application allows users to seamlessly visualize large amount of information at disparate locations in the genome. The application allows user to use varaity of algoritms for (mulitple) sequence alignment and displays comprehencive results of alignment.

Current Release
Sockeye 1.3

Released Sep 12, 2006

FInal release
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1.3 Sep 12, 2006 FInal release More about this release… BCCA final