TASR 1.6.1 (Aug 05, 2016)


Support for compressed sequence reads files

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Release Notes

State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Rene Warren

What's new in version 1.6.1?

1) Bloom filter functionality to exclude k-mers from your sequence target space (TASR-Bloom) TASR and TASR-Bloom: 2) 4-base encoding of the first 16 bases of each read while populating a 4-nodes (16/4) prefix tree. 3) The new (and required) coverage depth threshold -w option, gives users more control over the assembly, focusing on higher-depth contigs and ignoring short, low-depth contigs comprised of NGS reads having errors, contaminating reads or any other (perhaps unwanted) sequences. 4) Improvements to read recruitement from sorted-by-name bams, recruiting whole read pairs when at least one read has a target seed k-mer match. This has the potential to extend the reconstructed contigs by 2X the library fragment size (upstream and downstream) of the target sequence. 5) Support for compressed reads file (zip/gz)