THOR, the Targeted High-throughput Ortholog Reconstructor, is a Java application designed to assemble target genomic sequence orthologs in low-coverage genomes.

Project Description

The Targeted High-throughput Ortholog Reconstructor (THOR) leverages the large amount of low-coverage whole–genome shotgun sequence read data generated for over twenty different animal species.  Using this data, THOR can rapidly and efficiently reconstruct genomic sequences orthologs in low-coverage genomes.  THOR is written in Java and runs on linux.    


The current version is 1.0. 


Refer to the README to learn about the program requirements and how to install. The README and javadoc are contained in the tar file.


Matthew Bainbridge, René Warren, An He, Mikhail Bilenky, Gordon Robertson and Steven Jones.
This project was funded in part by Genome Canada