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Publication Announcements

Recent scientific publications and software releases from the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre. For a more complete list of publications by principal investigator, please visit the individual Faculty pages.
Date Title Type
Aug 23, 2008

A review of novel applications of next-generation sequencing technologies

Applications of next-generation sequencing technologies in functional genomics

Sep 09, 2008

Study finds genomic properties for the detection of rSNPs

A survey of genomic properties for the detection of regulatory polymorphisms.

Sep 09, 2008

A physical map for the poplar tree genome

A physical map of the highly heterozygous Populus genome: integration with the genome sequence and genetic map and analysis of haplotype variation.


Profiling miRNA expression in human stem cells using next-generation sequencing

Application of massively parallel sequencing to microRNA profiling and discovery in human embryonic stem cells.

Aug 05, 2008

Understanding Gene Control

Identification and analysis of internal promoters in Caenorhabditis elegans operons.

Mar 01, 2006

Open regulatory annotation database released.

ORegAnno: an open access database and curation system for literature-derived promoters, transcription factor binding sites and regulatory variation.

Jul 29, 2008

A review of techniques for the detection of genome rearrangements in tumor genomes.

From cytogenetics to next-generation sequencing technologies: advances in the detection of genome rearrangements in tumors.

Jul 13, 2007

Investigation of molecular markers of lung cancer to predict drug response

Correlations of EGFR mutations and increases in EGFR and HER2 copy number to gefitinib response in a retrospective analysis of lung cancer patients.

Jul 28, 2008

Rebuilding microbial genomes

Rebuilding microbial genomes.

Jul 24, 2008

ChIP-seq for STAT1 in HeLa cells

Genome-wide profiles of STAT1 DNA association using chromatin immunoprecipitation and massively parallel sequencing.

Sep 24, 2007

Mitochondrial genome redundancy in two dinoflagellates

The dinoflagellates Durinskia baltica and Kryptoperidinium foliaceum retain functionally overlapping mitochondria from two evolutionarily distinct lineages

Jan 03, 2008

Macroautophagy inhibition sensitizes tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer cells

Macroautophagy inhibition sensitizes tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer cells and enhances mitochondrial depolarization.

Jul 08, 2008

Transcriptome profiling of Caenorhabditis elegans in its first larval stage

Transcriptome analysis for Caenorhabditis elegans based on novel expressed sequence tags.

Aug 10, 2007

Method to detect and classify genome rearrangements

A BAC clone fingerprinting approach to the detection of human genome rearrangements.


Nucleic Acids Research Publication 2008

Impact of whole genome amplification on analysis of copy number variants.

Jul 23, 2008

Computational platform for splicing microarray design

ALEXA: a microarray design platform for alternative expression analysis.


Whole Transciptome Shotgun Sequencing

Profiling the HeLa S3 transciptome using randomly primed cDNA and massively parallel short-read sequencing.

Nov 23, 2007

SPARC enchances apoptosis via caspase 8

A novel interaction between procaspase 8 and SPARC enhances apoptosis and potentiates chemotherapy sensitivity in colorectal cancers.

Oct 02, 2007

Software for CNV analysis using Affymetrix SNP arrays

Assessment of algorithms for high throughput detection of genomic copy number variation in oligonucleotide microarray data.

Jul 01, 2008

Optimal pooling of BACs for genome re-sequencing

Optimal pooling for genome re-sequencing with ultra-high throughput short-read technologies.

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